Must visit in Lithuania – Žagarė

This webtool is dedicated for better navigation: just click the map and choose object you want to visit or just enjoy incredible Dainius Mereckis drone and traditional photos in gallery. You must visit in Lithuania Žagarė now.

Wikipedia: “Žagarė is a town in Joniškis district, 26 km northwest of Joniškis, near the Latvian border. The event will take place on June 29, 2005. The Žagarė Cherry Festival has been held annually since 2005. ” Thats it. But it`s not all: in different calculations there is about 1000 constant living people (most of them have their nicknames), impressive history from 1254, 3 horse farms, horses, mansion park, mansion (XVI century), regional park, remarkable Cherry Festival (Vyšnių festivalis), gimnasium, firestation, 2 clinics, culture “house”, post office, local “self-government“, Žagarė kindergarten, 3 big shops, few small shops, 2 small restaurants/bars, floating sauna in the lake, bicycle rentbeauty salon/haircut services,  Žagarė “Fringe festival”, mud basketball “championship”, pot house, river “Švete”, few lakes, mounds, beaches,  children’s playgrounds, active people that live here or just spend their summers in this city. All the objects you can find in map: Just push the object to what you need to be navigated.

Žagarė is wonderfull, you Must visit it in Lithuania. It`s Nr 1! We hope that this web application will be usefull tool do that. This tool will be updated constantly with new photos, map objects and other relevant information so please visit us often.

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